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How to manage a Request For Proposal – Part 3 : a specifications proposal template

Ok, the RFQ analysis told you to go for it! Now is the time to write the proposal (aka the specifications you recommand for the project). Thanks to Part 2, you manage to organize all your team to efficiently write the proposal in the minimum of time. In this third part, we will share with...
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Elon Musk talking about rockets interviewed by Everyday Astronaut

The Elon Musk project workflow

In a recent interview by youtuber EveryDay Astronaut, Elon Musk takes us for a tour of “Starbase”, the SpaceX rocket factory. At one moment he talks about the workflow followed on his projects to keep everything focused and effective. It feels like rather big common sense, but comming from a guy who has created reusable...
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Oh My Git logo

Oh My Git!

Play a serious game to learn how to use Git on your projects.
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