You are a freelance

Your activity matches one or several of the following criteria:

  • You reply to Requests For Proposal face to face or via web platforms
  • You need to be agile and resilient to your customer’s need evolution
  • You happen to associate with other freelances for bigger projects
  • You need to define precise perimeters and milestones
  • You practice remote work from different places


Here is how Naept can help you.

Customer's needs assessment

You customer defines his need through endless email chains. It becomes more and more difficult to keep track of everything. You need to take inventory of all the requirements to settle a detailed perimeter.


With Naept, you compile all those requirements in a structured document. Everyone of them is autonomous and has its own tracking features (KPIs, dependencies, definitions, historic…). You can give access to the project to your customer so he can himself bring his evolutions for you to update your solution.

un bloc-note et un stylo

Milestones for billings

As the project progresses, your customer adds new features requests. It can be sensitive to ask for a billing for all the work that has been done when the project is not finished yet.


With Naept, you can define batches, milestones and checkpoints to your billings. Therefore it is crystal clear with your customer and your payments flow regularly during the project.

Besides, as you can define the costs for each requirement, you get a real time estimation of your project’ cost. #NoMoreSurpises

Create project teams with your freelance friends

You happen to associate with other freelances to build a proposal for bigger project.


On Naept, you can integrate other freelances to build project teams. You can assign sections of the proposal to all the members of the team matching their expertise. Everyone brings his own experience and in one click you generate a clean complete proposal to be sent to the customer.

Le ralliement d'une équipe

Documentation quality

It is sometimes difficult to keep the documentation quality up while you have to deal with your customer, understand his need and manage the project. Documentation can easily be sacrificed as it is not a top priority. Unfortunately documentation is a critical asset not only for the project but for your reputation too.


With Naept, you can easily create document templates you will reuse and improve from a contract to another. They will help you to ensure the covering of all aspects of the projects.

Once you have frozen a revision of your documentation, Naept can generate a clear and structured file to be delivered to your customer.

Become Beta-testers !

Today, Naept fully matches the needs of corporates. We want to define a revision of Naept dedicated to the freelance activities and their specific features. That is why we need you to build togather such a Naept. So join our Slack and Beta-tester program.

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