You are a design office

Your company matches one or more of the following criteria:

  • From ten to several hundreds of collaborators
  • Some of your customers are corporates
  • You receive a lot of Request For Proposal but you do not have the resources to reply to all of them
  • You may build Request For Proposal yourself
  • Your business area is very competitive


Here is how Naept can help you.

Knowledge Management

Your office’s expertise grows with each project. But you don’t have the time or the budget to implement a knowledge management process. So what happens when a very skilled collaborator leaves the company?


Whether you write new documentation or import it from your archives, Naept indexes it all in your private database.

So when you start the redaction of a new document, Naept algorithms will identify and recommend your most similar previous project to base the new one on. Therefore Naept provides you with all the knowledge of your company.

So not only you keep the knowledge of your company but you value it, iterate on it and make it grow faster!

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Customer's needs assessment

Your customer requires your expertise to mature its needs assessment. Sometimes the requests for proposal you receive are incomplete and implies several iterations with your customer.


On Naept, you can involve you customer in your documentation building process, just like if he was one of your collaborators. You can give him access to any document so he can validate or invalidate the compliance of your solution with his needs.

Therefore you converge faster and together towards the most satisfying solution for both.

Structuring of your documentation

You need to subcontract an activity or a product. How to ensure the exhaustiveness of your specifications? How to manage the project’s costs reducing the risks?


With Naept you can define template documents. Project after project, they are upgraded with new document sections to exhaustively describe your needs.

Thanks to your own private database, you can iterate on your previous projects to build the new ones. You will never start from scratch but from a strong model. It’s way better than copy & paste.

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Communication with the customer

You have a frequent need to exchange with your customer but he is not always available?


Thanks to the review features, you can ask your customer about specific points within Naept. Besides you keep track of those exchanges right where you need them.

How Naept can help you?

We have created a 4 step collaboration to provide you with the most efficient Naept package matching your needs. It starts with a free early Analysis to define your need and calculate the gain Naept can provide to your process.

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