You are a corporate

Your company matches one or more of the following criteria:

  • Several thousand of collaborators
  • Countrywide and worldwide activities
  • Complex projects
  • Massive documentation
  • Numerous expertises spread across company departments
  • Numerous customers
  • Numerous suppliers


Here is how Naept can bring you value and solutions.

Knowledge management

Your company produces a lot of feedback and practical knowledge from the field. This would be very valuable to other projects but sharing it with all the collaborators is not so easy.


Whether you write new documentation or import it from your archives, Naept indexes it all in your private database.

So when you start the redaction of a new document, Naept algorithms will identify and recommend you your most similar previous project to base the new one on. Therefore Naept provides you with all the knowledge of your company.

You will never have to start a new project from scratch again.

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Validation workflows

Once the document is complete, it shall be peer-reviewed before being delivered to the customer. This process can take days and generate several revisions of the document.


Naept tracks every evolution of your documentation allowing the collaborators to focus on it. The documentation review features allow the process to stick to your habits while speeding up the customer delivery.

Endless meetings

Your days are full of work meetings lasting hours to settle dozens of topics.


Naept has review features for every item of your documentation, so your team can figure out all the details directly on the platform.

You still have to do work meetings, but they can now be focused on higher level issues and be much shorter!

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Your customer’s need is complex, so is your solution. You need to have a clear, complete picture of the project to ensure the full coverage of the need.


Naept allows your to build the dependencies of all the projects items: from the customer’s need to your product’s features and their validation plans.

If any item evolves, Naept shows you what should be updated.

If a customer’s requirement isn’t covered, Naept highlights it and raises a warning.

With Naept, you can define key performance indicators on each and every items (production cost, development time, risks, etc) so you have the real time, clearest and most detailed project estimations.


All the project stakeholders are spread across several departments, building or even countries, so the communication can become difficult.


No matter if two collaborators are separated by one meter or an ocean, they can update the project’s documentation and see in real time the contribution of each other.

You can assign sections or a complete document to your collaborators, so everyone knows what is to be done and gets notifications on its perimeter.

The whole team receives content suggestions on their topics thanks to the Naept algorithms.

Don’t forget to do team meetings from time to time.

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How Naept can help you?

We have created a 4 step collaboration to provide you with the most efficient Naept package matching your needs. It starts with a free early Analysis to define your need and calculate the gain Naept can provide to your process.

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