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Around Naept, a whole ecosystem of complementary products is being developed.


Here are some template documents usually used on all sorts of projects. We designed them from our own experience.

All of them are Microsoft Office format. We chose this suite because it is the most commonly used one we encountered.
But if you don’t use it, we genuinely recommend the templates from fyi website. It has templates for numerous different applications.

All our files are “template” formats. It means that when you double click on them, it create a new file in order to not alter the original one. If you want to modify the template, just right click on it and hit “Open”.

Finally, they are all open source and downloadable for free from the Naept Github. Feel free to add your own features so they can benefit to the community.

Reading sheet

A reading sheet is a spreadsheet used to collect all the reviewer’s remarks on a document.

For example, before sending a proposal to a customer, you may want to peer-review it to be corrected or enhanced. The reading sheet is a light but efficient tool to structure your reviews.

For more information, check our article about it: Reading sheet, an easy tool for collaborative review.


Here is a specifications template.
This template is also relevant to built a requirement document.

For more information, you can read the following articles:

Compliance matrix

Here is a compliance matrix template.

Such a tool allows to manage a customer request for proposal by dealing with each and every requirements : content definition, impacts identification and finally the management decision upon them.

For more information, read the following article:

  • Compliance matrix: how to manage a request for proposal

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