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BROMSE means Book Request On Multiple Search Engines.

It is what can be called a meta search engine. It addresses several search engines to send them the same request.


Once you’ve given it the authorization, BROMSE will open one tab per online bookshop you have selected for your request. Besides it might make you discover unknown online bookshop networks. 


For now BROMSE only has french bookshop networks to look into. But you can suggest new networks to expand the search.


BROMSE is not directly linked to Naept. Initially we developed BROMSE for our personal searches. But after the 2020 COVID crisis and the difficult situation the independent libraries were into, we decided to make it public hoping it would be useful.


Its code is open source and can be adapted to be a meta search engine for any other kind of product, not just books.


For more information, check our french blog post about it: Book Request On Multiple Search Engines : pour une recherche simultanée de livre sur les librairies en ligne

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📰 Check the article from JeSoutiensMaLibrairie.com : Trouver son livre avec l’outil BROMSE.
BROMSE is presented as a solution to help independent libraries!
JeSoutiensMaLibrairie.com is a platform listing independent libraries and the different ways to help them.

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