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Around Naept, a whole ecosystem of complementary products is being developed.

Need assessment assistance

We assist you in the definition of your need perimeter to build an exhaustive request for proposal and find the best supplier faster.

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Naept - our project documentation edition software

We have developped our own project documentation edition software powered by knowledge management. It reduces by 50% the time spent on documentation while delivering increased quality documents.

synaeptique project overview


We have designed several template documents to help you in your project documentation processes.

Those templates are free and open source. Feel free to add your own features so they can benefit to the community.

Import companion

Add-on to install to your Microsoft Word instance and connect to your Naept account to import all your project’s documents to your private Naept database.

Impression d'écran du compagnon d'import, extension de MS Word


BROMSE is a meta search engine allowing you to send book search requests to several online bookshops at once.


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