Naept guides, structures and organizes the collaborative building of your complex documentation

Based on knowledge management, Naept is a software that reduces by 50% the time spent on writing while increasing its quality, thanks to several features…

Création de l'ensemble des documents

Create your documents and connect them

You have 3 ways to create your document : from scratch with the built-in editor, by import them from a Word file or using our MS Word extension to choose what to import.

Then connect them with dependance links to built your project traceability network.

Writing & editing management

Easily create and order the sections of your document.

Attribute those sections to your experts for they can write, review or validate the content.

Attribuez des parties de documents à vos collaborateurs
Editeur collaboratif

Collaborative writing

Collaboratively write your documents.

Several people can contribute simultaneously to the same content.

Naept ensures a continuous record to keep an exhaustive historic of all the evolutions.

Centralized review

Do not search ever again in a spreadsheet, a print or emails for your reviewers remarks.

Thanks to the review module, all those remarks, suggestions, questions and conversations are gathered in one place, exactly where they are required.

Module de revue de contenu centralisée
labels et workflows

Tags & workflows

Tag your contents or state their status in the progression in your workflow.

Track the progression and maturity of all your documentation.

Project global overview

Thank to the synaptic visualization, get the full picture of your project:

  • Coverage and traceability links
  • Progression status of your contents
  • Evolutions impact on the project.
Modélisation du projet sous forme d'un réseau d'articles

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