Building Progressive Web Apps1 min read

Buildgin Progressive Web Apps

Maybe you’ve heard of them. Progressive Web Apps. PWAs. Maybe not yet. In my opinion, they are the future of smartphones AND desktops applications. This book is an excellent introduction to start developing your first own application.

What it is about

This books, of the well-known O’Reilly editor, is a full tutorial on Progressive Web apps. It covers every useful topic like service workers, cache management, and IndexedDB local storage.

Even-though it is 4 years old, it is very up to date and will get you started with the basics. New functionalities on the subject will be very easy to apprehend after reading this book.

What we liked about that book

The book takes you by the hand in the process of progressively migrating an existing online application, a hotel reservation site, to a fully functional offline-first application.

We liked that it can be applied to an existing app. Every step is very detailed and explains how not to break your existing app for user that can’t run PWAs on their browser.

Use our free and opensource BROMSE tool to find this book in an independent library close to you.

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