Naept guides, structures and organizes the collaborative building of your complex documentation

Based on knowledge management, Naept is a software that reduces by 50% the time spent on writing while increasing its quality, thanks to several features…

Naept doesn't manage files but connected items

Another way

Do not manage huge, repellent, obscure documents any more.

Naept turns them into a network of smart articles to accurately model the complexity of your project.

One article can be a requirement, a specification, a test, a report, a legal clause…

Efficient teamwork

Naept allows efficient teamwork for every project stakeholder.

All the experts can focus on their fields.

Every stakeholder can interact with the other through comment sections to evacuate any doubt or small issues, therefore accelerating the documentation maturity.

No more endless meetings with hundreds of topics. Meetings can focus to what really matters.

Every expert deals with its expertise

Real time impact monitoring

Thanks to its smart articles network, Naept rebuilds your project complexity and provides a continuous customer needs traceability.

For instance: your customer updates one of its needs, Naept identifies what is impacted and notifies the people in charge.

Your documentation becomes more reactive, iterative and customer-evolutions-proof!

Knowledge management

It is rather often that similare documents are reproduced from one project to another. You restart from an older revision and update it. But you still have to recover it. Or even remember it exists!

Thanks to your own private knowledge database on Naept, you can easily find and import into your new projet a set of linked articles that matches the need! Therefore your new project benefits the maturity of all your previous ones.

The bigger is your knowledge database, the better suggestions based on your previsous projects Naept can do.

Do not ever again start from scratch! Instead value all your company expertises and know-how!

Knowledge management
Import & export through Word and PDF files

Commonly used import-export formats

Naept uploads your input documents and turns them into smart articles network, indexes them into your secured knowledge database and assists you for the writing of the following documents.

To stick to your communication and/or archive workflows, Naept exports all your articles network into documentation formats you are used to.

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