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With more than 10 years in demanding projects management, proven methods and a software we have developed, we exhaustively design your needs for you to better benchmark and manage your supplier offers.

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Kick start your project the right way

Clearly express a need is difficult. Especially when it is composed by several people’s ones.

Execute the project too soon, with a not enough specified need, can lead to budget shifts.

The solutions suppliers declare receiving requests for proposal usually mature at 49%*. Consequently 46% of them affirm exceeding their budget because of the incomplete documentation.

* Those data are extracted from our documentation activities study lead on more than 200 design offices.

We support you on your need assessment

You have identified a need in you company, but you struggle to express it globally ? It makes it even more difficult to find the right supplier, the perfect solution or even to initiate an internat development.

We help you define the scope of your need, without any conflict of interest, for you to publish a mature and exhaustive request for proposal. It will help you to benchmark your suppliers offers and to choose the right one matching your needs.


Efficient engineers methods

Mind maps, validation workflows, reading sheets, traceability matrixes, coherence review, content review, revision control, …

To design you project, we bring you the best methodologies from cutting-edge engineering  such as aeronautics, automobile manufacturers, defense…

Our innovative software for your documentation

We have specifically developed a software to deliver better quality documentation faster. By modeling you need, it maximizes the coherence, it divides your project in a sum of sub-needs for an improved management and identifies instantly all the impacts when the project evolves.

When we deliver your documents, you get all your data.
We do not keep anything. Clean slate.

Modélisation du projet sous forme d'un réseau d'articles

Let's create quality docmentation now !

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