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Play a serious game to learn how to use Git on your projects.

As you tend to know it, because we have already talked about it, we use Git on all our projects and like it a lot!

But Git is not an easy tool to master for several reasons :

  • You have countless client software on the market that “help” you use Git, but each one with its own point of view that can differ from yours.
  • If you want to use Git without a client, you will have to use the console and command lines. It kinda feels like entering the Matrix. Console and command lines are not very user friendly.
  • Git is literally a time machine on your project. And Doc Brown already taught us how touchy it was to alter the timeline.

Whatever the difficulties, this tool is worth the effort. And thanks to 2 developers, Bleeptrack and Blinry, the amount of effort has been drastically decreased since they published Oh My Git!

Oh My Git! is an open-source serious game making you learn how to use Git. Very simple, minimalist and with cool tunes. You download it, launch it and play. No subscription.

The game-play is very easy. You choose levels in the menu. They are grouped by chapters. Start by the first one obviously. Then the screen is divided in 4.

Oh My Git! level

The top right explains the task to perform, the top left gives you a graphical representation of you Git project (commits, branches, etc).

The bottom left gives you the actions you can do to perform the task, as playing cards (like Magic The Gathering cards). To do the action, you just have to drag and drop the corresponding card on your project.

Or you can use the console in the bottom right with the real Git command lines. And to be honest, it is actually more fun to use them instead of the cards. First because you feel like you really are using Git, but also because knowing it is just a game you won’t fear to do any wrong on your project, you may be tempted to try dangerous one just to see what happens. And if you fail, you can redo the level has much as you want.

If only the accounting softwares could also have serious games… Or maybe not.

So what do you think?
Have you played it?
Do you know any other serious games to learn new things? Feel free to share them in the comment section!

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