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Elon Musk talking about rockets interviewed by Everyday Astronaut

The Elon Musk project workflow

In a recent interview by youtuber EveryDay Astronaut, Elon Musk takes us for a tour of “Starbase”, the SpaceX rocket factory. At one moment he talks about the workflow followed on his projects to keep everything focused and effective. It feels like rather big common sense, but comming from a guy who has created reusable...
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Oh My Git logo

Oh My Git!

Play a serious game to learn how to use Git on your projects.
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Couverture du livre "Git, maîtrisez la gestion de vos versions" par Samuel Dauzon

Git, Maîtrisez la gestion de vos versions – Samuel Dauzon

Apprenez à utiliser Git, l’outil de gestion de version le plus répandu.
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Should you use UUID?

When starting a new project, you might want to ask yourself : “How am I gonna index the objects I store in my database?”
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Should you start a new project with a front-end or a back-end framework ?

This question popped into my mind a few days back, during a discussion about projects I’m working on. As a full-stack developer, I’ve had to experience both kind of frameworks, and I have to say that it’s not an easy one. The fast answer is “start with what you know”. But as experience grows, the...
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Proposal building process

How to manage a Request For Proposal – Part 2 : proposal building workflow

Ok, you have decided to bid on this request for proposal because you have the right team and the skills to match your customers needs. Now you have to build it. Let’s dive into a worklfow that crosses all the checkpoints to make an exhaustive proposal in the most efficient time.
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