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Proposal building process

How to manage a Request For Proposal – Part 2 : proposal building workflow

Ok, you have decided to bid on this request for proposal because you have the right team and the skills to match your customers needs. Now you have to build it. Let’s dive into a worklfow that crosses all the checkpoints to make an exhaustive proposal in the most efficient time.
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Back to the future part 2 Sports Almanach

Documenter le futur

Comment la science-fiction et l’anticipation influencent l’innovation, la R&D et même la politique.
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Un compas et un dessin industriel

10 Modular templates to structure your business and manage your leads

Over the years, we have found and use numerous tools to guide our lead generation process. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tools that can help you to get a clear picture on your business.
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Photo by Dominik Lückmann on Unsplash

Easily debug your Laravel Sail applications with xDebug

Laravel, with version 8, introduces a very practical wrapper for a docker environment: Laravel Sail. I personally find it way more easy to use than Laravel Homestead, that had the same purpose of proposing a development environment in a virtual machine. Especially when it comes to deployment.
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A supplier gets his first customer

How to manage a Request For Proposal – Part 1: Analysis

You have just received a Request For Proposal from a customer. Quick! You only have few days to build an answer because your competitors are already working on it!!! But be careful not to mix up speed with haste. Take a step back and analyze the situation.
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Organiser une conférence téléphonique gratuitement

L’hébergeur français OVH propose une solution simple et gratuite pour organiser une réunion téléphonique à plusieurs.
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Compliance matrix

Compliance matrix: how to manage a request for proposal

You have just received a new request for proposal from a customer. A big one. 30 pages, several expertise domains required, almost a hundred requirement. You have to sort it out. You will need a compliance matrix!
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7 tips for VueJS developers

Almost a year ago, I started a GitHub repository named “Today I Learned“. It’s a place where I put little tricks I learned while developing. I talk about it in this article : Ce que j’ai appris aujourd’hui ! I’ve been filling it up since, and I think it’s time I share with you my...
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Connaissez-vous les Liberating Structures ?

Imaginez un jeu de cartes comme celui qui pourrait occuper une soirée entre amis, tout aussi plaisant mais dont l’issue serait la résolution créative et collective d’un problème que vous rencontrez dans votre vie pro, perso, peu importe. Une sorte de serious game ludique et extrêmement efficace !
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